Sunday, 30 December 2012

Another Contemporary Embroidery

I have several longer, more historically flavoured posts lined up, but in the meantime here's another half-finished embroidered childhood selfportrait.

When I make these embroideries, I do a quick pencil sketch from the original photo straight onto the fabric. Then I usually start with the black outlines in backstitch to get the shape of it right before the pencil gets smudged or wears off. ln this case, though, I got a little carried away and couldn't wait to get going with the colours...

Here I'm aged five, watching the visiting ships of the 1980 Tall Ships Race in Karlskrona, the town I grew up in (it might just be 1983, in which case I'd be 8...)

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Experimental Embroidery - a test post

Another completely un-blogged year has passed since my last post... Considering all the weaving, spinning and historical sewing I've actually done during this time, this feels like a slightly weak post to return with since it will be totally free from any form of historical craft. But it will have to do, for now.

I've finally succumbed to the vastly overrated world of smart phones, and got myself one with the biggest screen I could find. One I can draw and write on with a "smart pen". The reason I even bother to put this onto my blog is that I writing this very post by hand, as in with a pen and not a keyboard. My little machine recognises my scribbling and does the typing for me...the future is here and it allows joined-up handwriting! Yay! This post is also a test to see if the Blogger app works at all for me. If it does, I might start blogging while I commute to work, which would probably mean it won't be a year until my next post. So here goes...

A while ago, I took part in a weekend workshop called "Berättande broderi" (literally "Storytelling embroidery" in Swedish). Basically, free embroidery using sewing thread and a line drawing kind of expression. This inspired me to start making small embroideries from  old childhood photographs. I finished the first one this weekend.

It's me, aged about 3 or 4, with a fern on my head.