Monday, 25 July 2011

The Cap of St. Birgitta - second version

I've never really worn the Birgitta cap I made three years ago. When it came to actually using it, I wasn't happy with it at all. Every time I was about to put on a medieval headdress I chose to just tie an all-purpose rectangular piece of cloth around my head and pin a veil to it rather than wearing my cap. Eventually I figured out that I would actually prefer a larger cap than the one I'd made. Something a bit more like the first mock-up I made the last time around, the one I had to scrunch up beyond recognition to compensate for my lack of Proper Hair. 

So I made a new one! I wore it this weekend for the (to my mind) exceptionally paltry Medieval Festival at Bohus fästning, Kungälv (the second link will take you to a slide show of images of Bohus Castle itself - if you put up with the slightly tacky photo montages at the beginning you'll get to see some really spectacular pictures!). The cap, as opposed to the event, was a success!

I still don't have enough hair to fill the cap, but it nevertheless felt a lot better to have that extra fabric to play around with. The problem with the first cap was that it threatened to slide off my head, and I certainly prefer a bit of scrunched-up fabric to having my headgear fall off.

I took the opportunity to explore the art of embroidery a bit further this time and worked a slightly improvised version of interlaced herringbone stitch to join the two halves of the cap. It does look a bit scruffy, but I think it'll even itself out eventually.

The Cap of St. Birgitta - second version
And here's me trying it on and taking a picture of myself without a tripod. My arm is coming off at the shoulder (the camera is heavy!), but I've almost achieved that sought-after pear-shape! Yes, there's an obvious amount of deflated fabric too, but it's all my own hair in there this time!

Going slightly pear-shaped?!

See the first post about the Cap of St. Birgitta, from 2008.


Anonymous said...

I share your pain on the lack of hair thing - mine is long but baby fine. thing is there must have been medieval women with the same problem, so not all the caps can have been well stuffed.

it looks good tho, even half stuffed

Nystanet Woolly I said...

Åh den är underbart vacker...
Jag gillar din lilla väska med, skall nog försöka mig på den.
Härlig blogg du har, och intressant.
Tack för en rolig kurs i tvåändsstickning, snart är min första vante klar, fast först blir det nålbindning i helgen.

Ha det gott!

Nystanet Woolly I said...

Såg just att du tränar aikido, kan vara där vi träffats... Guldheden?

Arachne said...

Tack själv, Linda!

Det var några år sedan jag trändade aikido (borde kanske ändra texten någongång...) men det var mycket riktigt på Guldheden! :-)